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 Finish French Fir 

  • FINISH French fir is a layered product, comprehensively prepared already at the stage of production. Machine, precise cutting of all elements guarantees repeatability and extraordinary accuracy of machining and assembly. The customer receives ready to lay staves, which significantly shortens the process of laying the floor and eliminates the aforementioned losses of material. Each stave has a tongue and groove system prepared at the stage of production on each, including the front edge.
  • Wooden floors assembled in the French fir system are characterized by extremely classic elegance. Already in the 16th century, French aristocrats liked them, and these floors decorated the interiors of many castles and palaces in the Loire Valley. This pattern, despite the fact that it has been used for a long time, has timeless values, which makes it perfect for classic interiors and modern arrangements.
  • Laying the floor on the pattern of Chevron or French fir, so far associated with a very laborious process, requiring unusual accuracy of cutting, causing considerable waste of material and the need to use the so-called foreign pen, with the introduction of our product completely changes this view.

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