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  • One of the most beautiful ways of interior decoration is a wooden floor - thanks to which the rooms are cosy, warm and homely. It is a spectacular and functional solution that is worth implementing in your home. Wooden floors perfectly harmonize with any interior. They will work well in most domestic rooms - living room, bedroom, study, hallway or dining room. It is a universal choice in terms of interior design, which harmonizes very nicely with any arrangement - both classic and modern.
  • There are various types of wooden floors available on the market - Maxdrew's assortment includes a wide selection of floorboards and parquet floors made of domestic and exotic wood, which is exceptionally durable. Individual species differ in thickness and colour, but our rich offer makes sure that you will find a floor that meets your needs and expectations. We have in our offer both dark and light variants - the former will work well in spacious, elegant interiors full of antiques, and the latter in every room of avant-garde design.
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