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                        Plate technology is:



  • Sash frame made of glued laminated wood
  • internal wooden truss with thermal insulation filling with reduced heat conduction coefficient
  • sash construction reinforced on both sides with special metal profiles
  • Double-sided wing sheathing with waterproof plywood
  • Innovative solution of anti-theft security (from the hinge side on the full height)

(wings) provides increased resistance to burglary

  • threshold permanently installed in the frame, which significantly simplifies the installation
  • glazing units in glass doors, tempered or safe on both sides, sandblasted - possibility of

unlimited modification of designs according to the customer's preferences

  • it is possible to make side and top floodlights for each door model
  • All door models can be modified and corrected to suit the customer's requirements.
    * models no longer in the catalogue, but can be produced.

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