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 Strips MDF 

  • LAGRUS slats are an indispensable element of finishing and decoration of any interior. Properly selected, they are an ideal crowning for interiors of both classic and modern design.
  • The offer of 43 models gives the possibility to choose a model of a skirting board suitable for finishing almost every type of floor.
  • LAGRUS skirting boards are milled, which allows you to lead cables and sockets as you wish. Undoubtedly, another advantage of our skirting boards are the milling cutters which improve the fixing to the wall. At the same time, they are extremely durable and resistant to damage.
  • LAGRUS skirting boards not only look beautiful and give the interior a unique character, but also are durable, once established, they will decorate the interior for years to come.
  • For the production of skirting boards we use MDF board - wood-based board of medium density, which is the basic material of furniture production. The surface is varnished with polyurethane varnishes, the bottom edge is insulated against moisture.

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