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Infinity Line is the market leader in door fittings, we supply our products to the best companies in the country and abroad. Customers appreciate our products for the highest quality.
Our range of handles includes both modern and classic products characterized by elegance and innovative design. A significant part of our collection is made up of our own designs. While creating our designs we are guided by functionality, originality and style. We want our handles to be not only a complement to the interior but also to be unique and trendy to add glamour and elegance to every object.
Own designs are covered by patent protection as industrial designs throughout the European Community, which can be found in the database of OHIM, so we have obtained a guarantee of exclusivity for our designs.
The offer is divided into Italian Design, Premium Line, Infinity Line, Inox Line, Inox Line and Eco Line, the first and second belong to the higher Premium group, the second and third are the middle class and the fourth are the economic class.
Infinity Line handles have been subjected to restrictive tests in the Institute of Construction Technology, obtaining a very good result confirmed that they are the best choice for doors, it is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the PN EN 1906 standard.
Infinity Line offer is complemented by door accessories such as door bumpers, ventilation sleeves and cylinder inserts.
We invite you to purchase and guarantee satisfaction.